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La Chinata Flaked Sea Salt, PORCINI MUSHROOM, 165g

Art.No.: LCH47 Product number: 8421401139946
‘Sea Salt Flakes’, manually harvested in Spain, with Porcini Mushroom by La Chinata… enhance flavours without disguising them.
Manufacturer: La Chinata
Discontinued product

La Chinata Flaked Sea Salt, PORCINI MUSHROOM, 165g


The most important feature of this salt is its naturalness, as it is obtained in the traditional way, by evaporating sea water.

This Sea Salt, unlike common table salt, doesn’t contain any additives. In its composition we can find most of the elements the human body needs. Furthermore, it contains trace elements (responsible for the immune system), such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, etc.

Thanks to its high mineral concentration, it has an intense flavour, which means that only a small amount of salt is needed.

The crystals are fragile and can easily be crushed between your fingertips. They dissolve very quickly, and therefore the salt is well suited to season dishes once finished, especially meat dishes.

Besides the pure ‘Sea Salt Flakes’, La Chinata offers 5 different kinds of Seasoned Sea Salt Crystals: Chilli, 5 Pepper Mix, Smoked Paprika, Porcini Mushroom & Black Olives.

Net Weight: 165g

Ingredients: Sea Salt Flakes, boletus edulis

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