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Pu Er "Superior" z Yunnanu - Te Ji Jiu Pu Er in Gift Doze, 75g

Art.No.: GTD0069
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Pu Er "Superior" z Yunnanu - Te Ji Jiu Pu Er in Gift Doze, 75g


Loose “Superior” class Pu Er is from a range of “younger” teas in this category, which is suitable for both immediate and later use, since it has a tendency to develop. It is suitable as an everyday tea, not only due to its taste and low price but mainly from a medicinal perspective for aiding digestion, regulating blood cholesterol level, elimination of lactic acid and restoring inner energy. It is particularly suitable for people who regularly undergo physical exertion either during exercise or at work. It offers a classic earthy aroma and taste, the infusion may be repeated several times with regard to the brewing time.

Packaging: 75g of loose tea in a sealed bag inside a gift tin.

Brewing guide:

Prepare tested water for the tea infusion with which you have experience, or use ordinary tap water which has been left standing for a sufficient period, preferably overnight, ideally rid of chlorine. Rinse the teapot and cups with hot water. Prepare tea leaves in the teapot or cup so that there is half to one teaspoon of tea leaves for each cup. Pour on hot water at a temperature of 85-90°C (a few seconds after boiling) and leave to brew for a period of 30-60 seconds for the first and second infusions, 90-120 seconds for the third and fourth infusions. Pour only as much tea as you will consume immediately, do not keep for a longer period, otherwise a large quantity of tannins will be released into the brew. Do not use a metal strainer, this will diminish the energy and biological value of the beverage.


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