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Black tea - When Autumn Turns to Winter - Christmas Tea, 75g

Art.No.: GT0202
Manufacturer: Good Tea, s.r.o.
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Black tea - When Autumn Turns to Winter - Christmas Tea, 75g

We always prepare this seasonal tea blend at the end of summer, and it is sought out by customers right until the end of winter. Because it comes onto the market during the Christmas season, it is often called “Christmas tea” by customers. Since time immemorial the aroma of oranges and cinnamon has been associated with the coming of Christmas. We would like to help you to induce a Christmas atmosphere with our traditional Christmas tea, which in addition to oranges and cinnamon also contains pieces of vanilla, apple and other ingredients, all blended into a quality Ceylon tea. Original Ceylon cinnamon has long been used as an agent to warm the organism. Its further properties include its stimulating effect on mind and body, driving away depression and improving mood, as well as working as a natural aphrodisiac. Traditional Christmas tea offers a distinctive, emotive aroma of both the loose tea blend and the prepared infusion, which is full flavoured without losing any of its delicacy, and which can be further flavoured according to taste with honey and lemon. The aroma of Christmas tea should be a standard on every Christmas table, though this blend is highly appreciated during cold and rainy days throughout all seasons.

Brewing guide

Rinse the teapot and cups with hot water. Use 2,5g of tea leaves (2 full teaspoons) for 250ml of infusion. Brew the necessary quantity of tea in hot water at a temperature of 100°C (immediately after boiling) for a period of 75s for the first infusion. With every further infusion extend the brewing time by 60s. This tea is also very delicious with milk.

Packaging: Plastic bag 75g

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