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Black tea - Earl Grey Vanilla Cream, 75g

Art.No.: GT0225
The aroma of vanilla is familiar to all children and adults alike.
Category: Tea
Discontinued product
Black tea - Earl Grey Vanilla Cream, 75g

The aroma of vanilla is familiar to all children and adults alike. However, not everyone knows that we obtain vanilla from the orchid of the Vanilla type, which originates from Mexico, and is one of the most precious spices. Vanilla has a whole range of commercial uses, including in perfumery, aromatherapy, cooking or in the process of adding aroma to various foodstuffs. Earl Grey vanilla cream is no different in this respect. The sweet, creamily harmonised vanilla sensitively complements the citrus aroma and taste of the tea. Classic Earl Grey is a blend of tea with a specific taste and aroma, which the tea gains from oil from the fruits of the bergamot citrus tree. Originally the name Earl Grey belonged only to pure black tea, but today it is linked by all to the bergamot flavour. The tea was named after the British Prime Minister Earl Grey, who in 1830 obtained a recipe for tea with bergamot flavouring. Our Earl Grey is based on a blend of black Ceylon and Chinese tea flavoured with bergamot oil and very high quality vanilla, which distinctively softens the classic bergamot aroma and taste. The tea can also be prepared with milk and honey.

Brewing guide:

Rinse the teapot and cups with hot water. Use 2,5g of tea leaves (2 full teaspoons) for 250ml of infusion. Brew the necessary quantity of tea in hot water at a temperature of 100°C (immediately after boiling) for a period of 2 minutes for the first infusion. With every further infusion extend the brewing time by 1 minute. You can add some milk if it is your preference.

1g of tea for 100ml infusion, brew time 2 minutes.

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