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About Us

Company Profile :
GOURMET PARTNERS Ltd. is the exclusive importer and distributor of the world's prestigious brands for the Czech and Slovak market. Our products have a long tradition and high quality. The company's founders have extensive experience in the international and domestic market and founded the company in 2010 based on the demand for quality and healthy products . Among the delicacies , which are imported to the Czech market  belong:
  • French terrines ( coarse pâté ) , rillety from manufacturers JEAN BRUNET , AVON et RAGOBERT , ARNAUD , DUCS de Gascogne .
  • Goose and duck Foie Gras ( French delicacy of duck or goose liver ) from the manufacturer DUCS de Gascogne .
  • Whole coffee beans and ground coffee including also organic quality from the Italian manufacturer CAFFE CAVALIERE.
  • TZAR CAVIAR from Russia.
  • Kamchatka crab meat under a famous brand CHATKA with the original recipe, brought from the former Soviet Union.
  • Olive oil, seed and nut oils from Spain and France
  • Honey, tea, delicacies to wine, cheese (fruit confiture), olives of organic quality, sea salts and other delicacies from all around the world .
Our vision:
Our vision is to offer  premium products of the highest quality natural ingredients with no chemical additives on the Czech and Slovak market.  We want to influence the consumer behavior and change it from choosing cheap, poor quality and mostly unhealthy foods to better , healthier and more affordable food . We are gourmets and doing our best a true gourmet should be and is characterized by the definition about gastronomy  qouted by renowned French gourmet Anthelme Brillat - Savarin from the first third of the 19th century:
" Gastronomy is the intellectual knowledge of all that relates to human nutrition. Its purpose is to watch over humanity through maintaining the best possible nutrition. It accomplishes this, adopting fixed principles all those who seek , procure , prepare things that can become food. "
" Someone eats in order he could exist. In Gourmet Partners we exist in order we could  eat deliciously. "